Acute High Dose Reprotoxic Effects of Bisphenol-A on the Testicles of Adult Rodents.


  • Rabia Sajjad Toor University of Health Sciences Lahore
  • Kanwal Sharif
  • Hafiza Sadia Ahmed
  • Tahrim Ansar



Bisphenol A, Testicles, Basement membrane


Objectives: To evaluate the acute effects of high dose of bisphenol-A (BPA) induced in the testicles of adult rats.
Methodology: An Experimental study was conducted at Anatomy Department, University of Health Sciences, Lahore, from January 2015 to December 2015.
Twelve adult Wistar albino rats were weighed and divided into three groups of four rats each. Group A (control) was given corn oil (2ml/kg/day). Group B (BPA-100) was given BPA 100mg/kg/day dissolved in corn oil (2ml/kg/day). Group C (BPA-200) was given BPA 200mg/kg/day dissolved in corn oil (2ml/kg/day). The animals were sacrificed on the 8th day after weighing. Testis were weighed and fixed in Buoin’s solution. Johnson scoring was done in H&E stained slides. Basement membrane integrity was observed in PAS stained slides.
Results: Group A rats showed normal parameters. Group B (BPA-100) showed a significant decrease in Johnson score and an increase in basement membrane disruption while the changes in body weight of animals and paired weight of testis was statistically insignificant. Group C (BPA 200) rats died within 3-4 days and the experiment was limited to two groups.
Conclusion: The results of the present study indicate that a high dosage of Bisphenol A in rats causes significant disruption of the testicular histology and proves to be a significant reprotoxin even with a short duration of exposure.

Author Biographies

Rabia Sajjad Toor, University of Health Sciences Lahore

MBBS, Mphil Anatomy (UHS)

Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy

Sahara Medical College, Narowal

Kanwal Sharif

MBBS, Mphil-1 Anatomy

Senior Demonstrator, Azra Naheed Medical College,


Hafiza Sadia Ahmed

Senior Demonstrator,

Amna Inayat Medical College, Lahore

Tahrim Ansar

Associate Professor Anatomy,

Niazi Medical & Dental College, Sargodha



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