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    E-mail: ktanwir@hotmail.com (Chief Editor)
    E-mail: batoolmazhar@yahoo.com(Chief Editor)

    The Annals of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (APIMS) is new quarterly journal of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Islamabad.  It is new version of merged JPIMS and the Journal of Surgery previously published by PIMS and is already approved by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, Pakistan.  Therefore, all accepted and published article will get the necessary credit. This journal accepts manuscripts submitted in accordance with “Uniform requirements for Biomedical Journals” published in the British Medical Journal 1991; 302: 334-41.
    Undertaking:  The article is accepted for publication on the understanding that the work it reports has not been submitted simultaneously to any other journal, has not been accepted for publication elsewhere and has not already been published. (A sample of the statement is given below.)

    The Chief Editor,
    Annals of PIMS
    PIMS, Islamabad

    Dear Madam/ Sir,
    I/ We the undersigned, give an undertaking to the following with regard to our article titled


    submitted for publication in the Annals of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences.

    1. The manuscript has not been published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
    2. The manuscript is original, and free of fabrication, or plagiarism.
    3. All authors have read the manuscript, agree to its contents and share in the responsibility of its publication.
    4. All authors have made a substantial contribution to the work submitted.
    5. Any part of the manuscript not owned by the authors requires that permission is obtained by the authors from the owner of the copy right.
    6. All papers published by the journal will be copyright.
    7. The authorship of this article will not be contested by anyone whose name is not listed here.
    8. Editorial changes may be made as necessary in editor’s discretion.

    Authors’ Names (In sequence)                                                             Signatures of Authors with date
    1.__________________________                                             ________________________
    2.__________________________                                             ________________________
    3.__________________________                                             ________________________
    4.__________________________                                             ________________________
    Contact Details of corresponding Author:
    Telephone No.:           ________________________                              E- mail address:_____________________

    Typescripts:  Original articles, review articles, case reports or letters to the editor must be submitted in duplicate, type written on A4 size paper with double spacing. Each of the following sections should begin on a new page:
    a.  Title page:  This should give the title of the article, names of each author, the department and the institution to which the work should be attributed, and the name and address of author responsible for correspondence
    b.  Abstract:  This should be structured under the headings of background, objectives, materials and methods, results and conclusions. The key words should be added at the end of the abstract
    c.  Text:  The text should usually (but not exclusively) be arranged into subheadings:
    Introduction:  This should include the purpose of study and a brief review of the topic.
    Patients/materials and methods:  This should describe the selection & exclusion criteria, parameters studied, and the methods applied in the study. Any statistical methods used should be specified in this section
    Results:  This should mention the logical conclusions and may be emphasized or summarized by tables.
    Discussions:  It should include authors comments on results and observations, supported by important references and arguments or analyses of identical work reported elsewhere.
    Acknowledgements:  It can be added after the discussion and before references.
    References:  The references should be numbered in superscripts in the order of citation in the text.
    Journal article:  Author(s): Title of article. Journal name as abbreviated in Index Medicus; Year of publication volume number first and last page numbers. [For example: Zafar IM et al. Liechtenstein repair. J Surg. 1993; vol 5: 18-22.]
    Book reference: Author(s) of the chapter: Title of the chapter In Editor(s) of the book (eds): Name of the book City of publication, publisher, edition, year of publication page numbers. [for example: Cuschieri A: The small intestine and vermiform appendix In Cuscheiri A, Glies GR, Mossa AR (eds): Essential surgical practice. London. Butterworth, 2nd eds, 1988: 1161.]
    Tables and illustrations:  These should be separated from the text and numbered in Roman numerals according to the order in which they are mentioned in the text. Each table should have a short explanatory caption. It should supplement, and not duplicate, the information given in the text. The illustrations/photographs should be submitted in the form of glossy prints, with figure number, authors named and top of the illustration marked on the back.
    Miscellaneous:  a. Abbreviation: The Use of abbreviations should be limited.
    b. The paper saved in a CD must accompany the manuscript. Article can also be submitted through E. Mail.
    c. The principal author’s name should be printed in bold with e-mail address, fax and address for correspondence. Ethical policy of the journal: All the studies that involve patients as subjects or material should be approved from the ethical committee of the institution where study was carried out and a certificate should be attached. 

    All manuscripts should be sent by registered post at the following address.  Any other information can be had from:
    The Editor, Annals of PIMS, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, G-8/3, Islamabad.

    Official Address

    Prof Tanwir Khaliq
    Professor of Surgery
    Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences
    G-8/3, Islamabad

    Prof. Syeda Batool Mazhar
    Professor of Obs/Gyn
    Head of Dept
    MCH Centre
    Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences

    Online Submission
    E-mail: ktanwir@hotmail.com (Chief Editor)
    E-mail: batoolmazhar@yahoo.com(Chief Editor)