Covid Prognostic Score (CoPs) to predict prognostic outcome in Patients with Severe Covid-19 Pneumonia


  • Rizwan Aziz Qazi HOD, Department of Medicine, Dr. Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital
  • Saad Shakil Medical Officer, Department of Medicine, Dr. Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital
  • Hafsa Atique Final Year MBBS, Islamabad Medical and Dental College



Knee Pain; Movement with Mobilization; Routine Physical Therapy; Osteoarthritis; Visual analogue scale


Objectives: To assess the degree of medical intervention needed for treatment and its application in areas with low resources and testing facilities.

Methodology: A Retrospective Cohort study was conducted on 141 patients from June 2020 to May 2021. All PCR positive covid patients were included; excluding those who died or left within 24 hours of admission. Data was obtained from hospital record. (HIMS), incorporating sociodemographic details, history of co-morbids and presenting complaints.

A Covid-Prognostic Score was developed to predict hospital outcome and severity of covid disease. It comprised of age, comorbidity (diabetes and ischemic heart disease), chest-x ray score, neutrophil- lymphocyte ratio (NLR) and ferritin score.

Using SPSS version 23, descriptive means were analyzed; Chi-square test was applied along with Mann- Whitney U and linear regression. P-value less than 0.05 was considered significant.

Results: A significant association was found between health status (i.e., alive or dead) and diabetes (p=0.045) and ischemic heart disease (p=0.004), which reinforced their importance in the CoPS score. Association between CoPS and gender health status was highly significant; (p=0.003) (p=0.000) respectively. A positive correlation was found between CoPS and duration of hospital stay (R = 0.495) (p=0.216).

Conclusion: The continuous surge of Covid-19 is causing hospital resource and facility burn out. The CoPS score aims to pave way for triage therapy from the point of admission. A multi-center approach and scoring of “severity strata†of disease would further corroborate the relevance of the CoPS scoring system.






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