Diagnostic Accuracy of Increased Total Leucocyte Count (TLC) And Decreased Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) For Diagnosis Of Neonatal Sepsis Taking Culture Sensitivity As Gold Standard


  • Ayesha Khanum Consultant Haematologist, Children's Hospital and the Institute Of Child Health Lahore
  • Saima Farhan Associate Professor children hospital Lahore
  • Sundus Arshad consultant haematologist children hospital Lahore
  • Arsala Rashid consultant haematologist KEMU
  • Ambreen Kashif consultant haematologist FMH Lahore
  • Nabila Aslam consultant haematologist children hospital Lahore
  • Neelam Mazhar consultant haematologist children hospital Lahore




Neonatal sepsis, TLC count, ANC count


Objective: To find diagnostic accuracy of increased total leucocyte count (TLC) and decreased absolute neutrophil count (ANC) for diagnosis of neonatal sepsis taking culture and sensitivity as gold standard.
Methodology: Samples was collected from all the neonates with suspicion of sepsis admitted to neonatal due to severe bad health condition in the Children Hospital, Lahore. Parents were informed for consent. Total 3.5 cc sample was drawn by venipuncture.2.0 cc in CBC voil containing trisodium citrate, this sample was sent to CBC lab for automated CBC on sysmex KX-21 analyzer and peripheral smear. 1.5 cc was taken in specialized containers for blood culture and was sent to microbiology lab. Neonatal sepsis on TLC, ANC and blood count were be recorded. Patients of sepsis was managed as per hospital protocol. Data was analyzed using SPSS.
Results: Neonates in this study was at mean age of 3.86±1.81 days. There was almost equal number of males and females neonates. Male were 155(51.7%) and female babies 145(48.3%). It was noted that 182(60.7%) babies were on term while 118(39.3%) were preterm neonates in this study. Neonatal sepsis was positive on TLC in 101(33.7%) cases. in 115(38.3%) on ANC.
It was noted that sensitivity of the TLC was 71% while specificity was 66% with a diagnostic accuracy of 68%. On the other and, ANC sowed a sensitivity as 65%, specificity as 56% and diagnostic accuracy of 65%.
Conclusion: Conclusively, TLC and ANC is not a good marker for the taking a neonate for the consideration of neonatal sepsis.






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