Effects of Covid -19 on Mental Health of Positive Cases Compared with Suspected Cases


  • Rizwan Taj Chairperson Psychiatry Dept, PIMS
  • Asima Mehboob Khan Associate Clinical Psychologist
  • Arham Yahya Rizwan Medical Student, Shifa College of Medicine
  • Shirin Amir Pathologist, PIMS, Islamabad




covid 19, mental health


Objective: To assess and compare the effects of Covid 19 pandemics on mental health of diagnosed cases of corona virus with suspected cases and healthy subjects.

Methodology: This comparative study  was conducted  at corona clinic of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, and from April 2020 to Jun 2020. A total of 206 subjects were divided in three groups. Group-I (diagnosed as case of corona virus, n = 95), group-II (suspected cases n = 29) and group-III (healthy subjects, n = 82). They were matched for age, gender and socioeconomic status and were compared for frequency and severity of depression as measured by Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS).

Results: Some degree of depression was noted in all groups. Frequency of depression was 72.6% in group-I, 58.6% in group-II and 37.8% in group-III (p value < 0.001).

Conclusion: Both diagnosed and people who came for screening (suspecting for Covid) had high frequency of some degree of anxiety and depression. Diagnosed patients had more anxiety and depressive features than suspected clients who came for screening. It is worthwhile to do more close mental health observation in them. This can be done by building up mental health interventions for improving their psychological wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.






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