EEffect of folic acid on fluoride induced morphological alterations in the liver of albino wistar rats


  • Sehar Khowaja Lecturer Department of Anatomy Isra University Hospital Hyderabad
  • Zaheer Ahmed Memon Professor, Department of Anatomy Isra University Hydearbad
  • Rukhsana Parveen Samo Senior lecturer, Department of pathology LUMHS
  • Abdul Rashid Senior Lecturer, Department of Anatomy People’s University of Medical and Health Science
  • Shujaullah . Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology, ISRA University Hyderabad



fluoride, folic acid


Objective: To observe the histomorphological changes in liver of Albino wistar rats induced by Fluoride and effect of Folic acid.
Methodology: This quasi experimental study was conducted at Anatomy department & postgraduate Laboratory of Isra University Hyderabad Sindh from April 2018 to September 2018. Total forty healthy rats 8-12 weeks old and weight 150-250gm were selected. Animals were divided in 4 groups in equal numbers. Animals of Group A, were given normal diet, Group B, received distilled water mixed with Fluoride (10.0mg/kg) and group C received distilled water mixed with Fluoride (10mg/kg) along with folic acid supplement (2.5mg/kg). Group D, animals received Fluoride (10mg/kg) for four weeks initially and then folic acid (2.5mg/kg) mixed distilled water was given for additional four weeks.  After completion of experiment, the rats were sacrificed and hepatic tissues were processed to prepare paraffin blocks. 4-6 micrometer sections were obtained for slides and stained with hematoxylin and eosin to observe under light microscope. All the data was recorded in proforma.

Results: Liver weight was insignificant among all study groups. On histological examinations, fibrotic changes were significantly higher among all experimental groups as compare to control group whereas folic acid consumption reduced it. Necrotic changes, hepatic inflammatory changes, sinusoidal dilatation and congested portal veins were found higher among animals of experimental group B as compared to group C and group D, while no changes found in control group.
Conclusion: Fluoride exposure that impair liver architecture, is potently supported by the portal inflammation, necrosis, and histological alterations. Folic acid is the best supplement to prevent and revert the hepatic histological alterations caused by fluoride





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