Modified Kenalog Protocol for Perianal Fissures- A Quasi Experimental Trial


  • Vishal Farid Raza Fatimah Jinnah Medical University
  • Qaiser Mahmood Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore
  • Iqra Waris Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore
  • Muhammad Shahwaiz Malik Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Khalid Javeed Khan Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore



Modified Kenalog Protocol, Steroid, Triamcinolone, Perianal Fissure


Objective: To ascertain the role of triamcinolone injection at the base of an anal fissure and its effect on healing and pain relief. Methodology: A quasi-experimental study was conducted from November 2021 to February 2022. Under aseptic measures, a 1ml Triamcinolone 40mg/ml injection was administered at the base of the anal fissure using a 1cc insulin syringe. This was injected in four positions around the base of the fissure. Patients were followed for one week to assess pain relief and improvement in quality of life. Patients were assessed for quality of life improvement and satisfaction with treatment. Patients were offered lateral internal sphincterotomy at the end of one week and again on follow up after two weeks given they were not satisfied with pain relief or symptom recurrence occurred. Results: Twenty five patients were enrolled and analysed. All fissures were seen to have a red inflamed base at enrollment. At one week after treatment, a paler base with less signs of inflammation was observed. Patients reported a mean 70% improvement in their symptoms. A mean change of 16.45 points was seen in Brief Pain Inventory scores at one-week follow up. 25% underwent a lateral internal sphincterotomy. The number needed to treat was 2.5. 5 patients were lost to follow-up after the initial one week follow-up. Conclusion: Injection of Triamcinolone at the base of an anal fissure may have a role as an adjunct to standard management in treatment. It has been shown to decrease pain and enhance healing of the fissure thus decreasing the need for surgical intervention.

Author Biographies

Qaiser Mahmood, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore

Senior Registrar, Surgical Unit 2

Iqra Waris, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore

Post graduate resident general surgery

Muhammad Shahwaiz Malik, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences

Medical Officer, Department of Surgery

Khalid Javeed Khan, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore

Professor, Department of General Surgery, Surgical Unit 2





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