Comparison of Endodontic Pain observed with Sodium Hypochloride, Hydrogen peroxide and Norman Saline based Root canal irrigants


  • Nouman Noor SZABMU
  • Hasan Mujtaba Associate Professor Department of Oral Pathology School of Dentistry SZABMU/PIMS
  • Sadaf Humayoun Associate Professor Department of Dental Material Rawal Institute of Health Sciences
  • Muhammad Farooq Umer Assistant Professor Health service Academy, University
  • Muhammad Mohsin Javaid Demonstrator Community and Preventive DentistryDepartment School of Dentistry SZABMU/PIMS
  • Arfa Rehman PGT, Rawal Institute of Health Sciences



Endodontic Pain, Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrogen Peroxide, Normal Saline, Root Canal Irrigants


Objective: To compare frequency and intensity of endodontic pain with sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide and normal saline groups.

Method:105 subjects were randomly allocated to 3 study arms. Group A (Sodium Hypochlorite), Group B (Hydrogen Peroxide) & Group C (Normal saline).Data regarding endodontic pain was recorded by asking the patient to mark on the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) according to the severity of pain on the proforma provided.

Results:The minimum Intensity of pain was 0 and maximum was 10 with mean and standard deviation were 3.43  3.576 VAS. Endodontic pain was present in 12/35 (34.3%), 24/35 (68.6%), 30/35 (85%) patients of Group’s A, B, C respectively. Significant difference between groups with respect to Intensity of pain (VAS) was shown by one-way ANOVA. For Group A the Intensity of pain (VAS) was 82.38  4.34 and for Group B, C the Intensity of pain (VAS) were 4.37  3.456 and 6.11  3.197 respectively.

Conclusions:Sodium Hypochlorite was much better than Hydrogen peroxide and normal saline in the management of endodontic pain in terms of incidence and intensity.






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