Comparison of MRI versus Arthroscopy in Assessment of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries of The Knee Keeping Arthroscopy as Gold Standard


  • Auon Shabbir Khan Niazi CMH Rawalpindi
  • Muhammad Uzair Khan Niazi Foundation University Medical College Rawalpindi
  • Irta Zainab CIMS Multan
  • Hassan Mumtaz Maroof International Hospital, Health Services Academy
  • Midhat Zahra CMH Rawalpindi
  • Adnan Anwer CMH Rawalpindi


Arthroscopy, Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Knee, Orthopaedic Care, Rehabilitive Medicine, MRI


Aims & Objectives: To co-relate Magnetic Resonance Imaging findings with Arthroscopy through Sensitivity and Specificity, keeping Arthroscopy as a gold standard.

Design: Prospective cross-sectional study

Materials and Methods: The study was conducted from February to August 2019 in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Combined Military Hospital, Rawalpindi, after receiving approval from the Ethical Committee. MRI of 127 patients was done who had clinical signs of ACL injury and then were booked for Arthroscopy.

Results: There was a male preponderance, with 85.8 % being male. The majority of the patients were of 2nd and 3rd decade of life. The specificity, sensitivity, NPV, PPV, and Accuracy of MRI in assessing anterior cruciate ligament injuries were calculated in percentages of 64.28%, 89.89 %, 64.28%, 89.89%, and 84.25%, respectively.

Conclusion: MRI is accurate and a non-invasive modality for assessing anterior cruciate ligament tears with good accuracy and better sensitivity. However, diagnostic Arthroscopy remains the gold standard for diagnosing anterior cruciate ligament injuries.

Author Biographies

Auon Shabbir Khan Niazi, CMH Rawalpindi

Resident Orthopaedics

Muhammad Uzair Khan Niazi, Foundation University Medical College Rawalpindi

Medical Student

Irta Zainab, CIMS Multan

Medical Student

Hassan Mumtaz, Maroof International Hospital, Health Services Academy

Clinical Research Associate: Maroof International Hospital

Public health Scholar: Health Services Academy

Midhat Zahra, CMH Rawalpindi

Resident Orthopaedics

Adnan Anwer, CMH Rawalpindi

Assisstant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery





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