A Management of forgotten double J Ureteric stent in a young male: A Case Report


  • Nizam Farid Chisti Dept of Urology, Federal Government Poly Clinic Hospital, Islamabad


Forgotten double J ureteric stent, encrustation, fragmentation


A 17 years old male patient of poor socioeconomic background from a remote village of Afghanistan, presented to our out-patient department with abdominal pain at the right flank. He had history of double J stent placement during right open pyelolithotomy 6 year before. However, no further details were available. An ultrasonography was performed which showed pelvi-calyceal fullness of the right kidney with a calculus measuring 7mm in the right renal lower pole. Echogenic foci and rounded loop of stent were seen in bladder adjacent to right vesico-ureteric junction. A renal scan revealed right kidney function 16.95% with GFR 13.1ml/min and left kidney function 83.05% with GFR 64.1ml/min. A cystolitholipexy was then performed and the lower end of the forgotten double J stent was removed along with the encrusted stone in bladder using stone punch. This was followed by removal of ureteric and intra- renal fragments of double J stent using 8-Fr rigid Ureterorenoscope without any significant resistance. Complete stone clearance was achieved and patient was discharged home. In light of this scenario we believe it is necessary to educate and maintain regular contact with the patient to ensure regular follow-up visits for patients with double J ureteric stent placements in order to avoid such complications in the future.





Case Report