Awareness about Corona Virus (COVID-19) infection among Army Personnel and their families


  • Khawar Kamal CMH Kharian medical college
  • Ayesha Imran CMH Kharian
  • Zarmeen Khawar Rawalpindi medical university, Rawalpindi
  • Rabiah Anwar PNS Shifa, Karachi




Objective: To assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of COVID-19 infection among army personnel and their families.
Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted at Kharian Garrison from February to April 2020. The study involved two groups of army personnel and their families, namely soldiers and officers. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data. For data analysis, descriptive statistics have been used. Chi-square test was applied and p-value <0.05 was considered as significant.
Results: Mean ages of respondents were 30.27 years (officers and families) and 31.11 years (soldiers and families). The study depicted that 99 (99%) officers and families and 147 (98%) soldiers and families had sufficient knowledge about COVID-19. A total of 96 (96%) of officers and families and 136 (90.7%) of soldiers and families believed that COVID-19 infection is preventable by hand washing and face mask, whereas 4 (4%) and 14 (9.3%) (Officers and soldiers along with families respectively) believed that avoid gathering, hand shaking and eating a healthy diet can prevent COVID-19. A total of 97 (97%) of officers and families and 146 (97.3%) of soldiers and families were practicing handwashing to prevent COVID-19 infection. Similarly, a total of 68 (68%) of officers and families and 104 (69.3%) of soldiers and families were using face mask whereas 32 (32%) and 46 (30.7%) respectively were not using.
Conclusion: Army personnel and their families had sufficient knowledge about COVID-19 infection; attitude towards its prevention and control was also adequately positive, though, a significant proportion of individuals have not been practicing their self-reported knowledge of using face mask.





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