Effect of aescin on β-cell physiology in fructose fed rat model


  • Salahuddin Shaikh Department of physiology Isra University, Hyderabad
  • Farheen Malik Lecturer, Department of pharmacology
  • Arsalan Ahmed Uqaili Assistant Professor, Department of physiology




Objective: To determine the effects of Aescin on blood glucose homeostasis in fructose fed Diabetic albino Wistar rats
Methodology: This Quasi Experimental study was conducted at the Department of Physiology from July 2018 to January 2019. Sixty albino (Wistar) rats were equally divided into five groups according to diet as; Group A (normal diet) and Group B (Fructose 10 g/kg/day) and all the other experimental groups were given Fructose (10 g/kg/day) with the administration of aescin as; Group C (0.9 mg/kg/day), Group D (1.8 mg/kg/day) and Group E (3.6 mg/kg/day). After four weeks body weight was calculated and blood samples were taken from all animals to assess the blood glucose level and serum insulin level. All the data was recorded in self-made proforma.
Results: Mean of blood glucose in control group A (165.0±14.29 mg/dL) was significantly lower in contrast to experimental groups B, C and D (357.17±21.73, 246.08±21.73 and 235.67±25.73 respectively); p-0.001, while the mean difference was insignificant as compared to experimental group E (194.0±22.16 mg/dl); p=0.078. Serum insulin level was significantly lower in experimental group B (17.45± 5.17) as compared to control group A (16.88± 4.78); p-0.001, while Aescin administered groups C and D showed serum insulin level (19.05± 5.81 and 25.08± 2.42 respectively) almost equal to control group A; p-0.092. Mean serum insulin level in Aescin (3.6 mg/kg/day) administrated group E was significantly higher (29.10± 1.64 IU/L) as compared control and other experimental groups; p-0.001.
Conclusion: The Aescin showed exerts ameliorating effects on glucose homeostasis in fructose fed Diabetic albino Wistar rats. By Aescin administration, serum insulin level can be increases to control the diabetes.





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