Learning and Teaching Styles at Wah Medical College; A Qualitative Approach

  • Musarat Ramzan 1Dean, Wah Medical College, Professor & Head, Department of Community Medicine
  • Ambreen Ansar Assistant Professor Community Medicine, Wah Medical College, University of Health Sciences


Objective: Study was conducted to understand the learning styles of students to improve teaching and learning and have a clear vision of students’ perceptions about an educational institution.

Methodology: A mixed-methodology was used to conduct the study in Wah Medical College by using a structured questionnaire; responses were recorded from three students of third year MBBS. Quantitative part was analyzed as binary responses and qualitative part of the study was recorded and verbatim transcriptions were thematically analyzed.

Results: Majority of the students liked to learn independently initially but for the preparation of viva voce they preferred discussion with peers. Students also liked the use of information technology by teachers and the most agreeable part of their study was clinical rotation. Students think that the lectures should be made more understandable and enjoyable by providing less information and using a blend of languages. Five main themes emerged from the qualitative part of the study, namely: learning by doing, interaction-effective strategy of learning, career selection, institutional ranking and professional ability.

Conclusion: The students learn in two ways initially by making their own notes and studying separately and later by discussions with peers and teachers. Clinical rotations, small group discussions and demonstrations were considered very effective by the students when contrasted with lectures. Teachers should be trained to improve their skills on these modalities as it shall have positive impact in student learning. The institutional environment  if disciplined and conducive contributed more to learning and  offered them enough opportunity to acquire the required skills and competency needed for future practice.

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