Juvenile Ossifying Fibroma in a 14-year-old female: A Case Report


  • Anjum Khawar Professor of ENT, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad
  • Munema Khan Resident General Surgeon, District Headquarters Hospital Rawalpindi
  • Manza Khan Resident ENT Surgeon, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad
  • Muhammad Motsim Shah Medical Officer Basic Health Unit Dullah
  • Manal Ahmad Batch 39, Rawalpindi Medical University




rare, juvenile ossifying fibroma


Juvenile Ossifying Fibroma is a rare benign bone neoplasm affecting age-group of 5-15 which tends to mimic malignant lesions. This is in opposition to its conventional variant which occurs mostly in middle aged cohort and is relatively docile. It's aetiology remains unknown and it is characterized by substitution of normal bone by mineralized fibrous tissue. The rapid progression, aggressive nature and high recurrence potential are features that makes JOF of vying attention. Additionally it's prognosis being greatly dependent on time and type of intervention employed is widely documented. In this study JOF with a history of only 7 months is reported in a 14 year old female. The affected bone was maxilla with dental and palatal involvement. Partial Maxillectomy and BIPP for reconstruction were applied as treatment of choice for this patient. Yearly follow up protocol for next 5 years was devised. No post op complications were observed.





Case Report