Thoracic Surgery: Opportunities and Challenges in Saudi Arabia


  • Sami Alnassar Associate Professor and Consultant in Thoracic Surgery, College of Medicine, King Khalid University Hospital, King Saud University



Cardiothoracic surgery, opportunities, challenges


The cardiothoracic surgery is an essential field of medical sciences in producing cardiothoracic surgeons with higher principles of knowledge, skills and integrity with a profound impact on health care system. Progress in achieving excellence in cardiothoracic surgery and its allied research goals varied over the time and across the countries. Saudi Arabia devoted special attention to fostering higher education on health care system although, the country is facing challenges in the management of cardiopulmonary diseases burden amenable to cardiothoracic surgical treatment. Patients have access to quality cardiothoracic surgical care, but still the state is struggling for enough number of trained thoracic surgeons to provide better health care services in cardiothoracic surgery field. This review article summarizes the opportunities and challenges in this promising surgical discipline.





Review Article