Histomorphometric Effcets of Oral use of Tobacco in Testes of Offsprings of Swiss Albino Mice


  • Zaheer Ahmed Memon M. Phil Anatomy. Professor, Department of Anatomy, Isra University Hyderabad
  • Aftab Ahmed Shaikh M. Phil Pharmacology. Professor, Department of Pharmacology, AL-Tibri Medical College Karachi
  • Shagufta Shaheen Qureshi M. Phil Anatomy. Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Bilawal Medical College Jamshoro
  • Faisal Mughal M. Phil Anatomy, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy Qassim University Unaizah Saudi Arabia
  • Syna Pervaiz Singha M. Phil Anatomy. Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Isra University Hyderabad
  • Muhammad Ali Qureshi M. Phil Anatomy. Asssociate Professor, Department of Anatomy, Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jeelani Institute of Medical Sciences Gambat`




smokeless tobacco, offspring, testes


Objective: To study the gross micro structural changes in the testis of the offspring of Swiss albino mice exposed to oral use of tobacco during pregnancy.

Study Design: Experimental

Duration and Setting of Study: This study was conducted from July 2017 to December 2017 at Isra University Hyderabad 

Methodology: ­­20 female albino mice were mated. After confirmation of pregnancy by vaginal plug they were divided into two groups; experimental A and control B of 10 each. Experimental mice of group A were given 5% tobacco in their chow diet and0water ad libitum; however, control group B were given only normal chow0diet and0water0ad libitum. After 15 days of birth the 10 male offsprings each of control and experimental mice were randomly selected. Their initial and final body weight was recorded.  They were sacrificed0by cervical dislocations and0their testes were taken away for further gross & histological0analysis. 

Results: Noticeable changes were observed in the body weight and weight of testes. The mean initial weight of experimental male offspring was found to be 1.76 ± 0.33 g, while in control group it was 2.60± 0.45 g. The final weight in experimental offspring was 9.38± 0.59 g and in control group it was 12.75±0.96 g.  Statistically the difference of body weight in offspring was found to be significant (p value <0.05). The testes weight was markedly decreased in experimental group as compared to control group.  The mean testes weight in experiment group was recorded as 0.03 ± 0.004 g however in control group it was recorded as   0.07 ± 0.004 g.

Simultaneously, 5 micro structural variations were also observed in the testes of off-springs of mice. In0the0experimental group0of off-springs, very few0layers and decreased number of spermatocytes were noticed in seminiferous tubules of 9 testes.  Sperm degenerative changes, cellular inflammation and mild to massive hyalinization were noticed in 9, 6, and 9 testes of experimental group respectively. Loss of architecture of seminiferous tubules in 8 testes as well as destruction of the basement membrane in 7 testes were also observed in experiment group testes. However, the decreased number of spermatocytes in only 1 testes and mild hyalinization in 2 testes of control group were observed.

Conclusion: The consumption of smokeless tobacco has vital effects on the body weight, micro structure  and weight of testes of offsprings of mice given with cellular injury of seminiferous tubules especially decreased sperm count, cellular inflammation, destruction of basement membrane as well as massive hyalinization.  





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