Determination The Oral Health Status Among Pregnant Women


  • Amara Maryam Medical officer at BHU Inayat Pur Multan
  • Wajiha Khawaja Nishtar Institute of Dentistry Multan
  • Madiha Khawaja Nishtar Medical college Multan



Pregnancy, gingivitis, dental caries, oral hygiene


Objective: To determine the oral health status in the term of gingivitis and dental caries among pregnant women.
Material and Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted at BHU Innayat Pur, with 6 months duration from October 2016 to March 2017. All the pregnant women with age 20 to 40 years were selected for the study. All the pregnant women patients were undergoing complete dental clinical examination to see the gingivitis, dental caries and overall oral health status. All the women were interviewed regarding their socioeconomic status, educational level, residential status, parity and consciousness regarding oral health status. Gingivitis was categorized as mild moderate and severe. All the data according to objective was collected in the proforma.
Results:  In this study total 63 pregnant women were studied; their mean age was 34.12+4.23 years. Poor socioeconomic status was most common in 58.7% women. 28.6% women were illiterate, 34.9% had primary level education, 27.0% women were metric passed and only 9.5% women were graduate. Overall dental hygiene was poor in 52.4% women, including dental caries occurred in 39.7% women and gingivitis was found in 84.1% women. Poor socioeconomic status was found significantly associated with poor oral health status p-value 0.01. Educational status was highly affected on oral hygiene as illiterate and primary level educational women were significantly associated poor oral hygiene as compare to metric and graduate level educational women p-value 0.001. Multi parity also significantly impacted on oral hygiene as; multiparous women were significantly associated to poor oral health status as compere to primiparous women p-value 0.001.
Conclusion: It is concluded that overall poor hygiene was in pregnant women, prevalence of dental caries and gingivitis was very high. Women were completely un-aware regarding association of oral hygiene and pregnancy. Lower educational status, poor socioeconomic status and multiparity were significantly associated with poor oral hygiene.