Randomised Prospective Study to Compare Outcome of Para Umbilical Hernia Mesh Repair with and Without Drain


  • Summera Ambreen


Objective: Para-umbilical hernia (PUH) is a common surgical problem that is about 10% of all cases of primary hernia. This study aims to compare the outcomes of drain and without drain mesh hernia repair in para-umbilical hernia (PUH) cases; in order to achieve the most accepted post-operative condition.
Methodology:  Sample size was equal to 50 patients and the participants were divided into two treatment groups, with group A and B each had 25 members respectively. In group A, drain was placed in subcutaneous tissue, while group B was without drain. The rate of complications like Seroma, and hematoma formation, wound dehiscence, mesh infection and length of hospital stay were compared among both groups.
Results: The current results revealed that post operative complications were more common in patients of Group A where drain was placed as compared to Group B, where drain was not placed.
Conclusions: The study concluded that when the defect size is small, the rate of post operative complications is not affected even if the drain is not placed after para-umblical hernia repair.





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