Our experience of COVID-19 at a large District General Hospital in the North West of England


  • Ayaz Abbasi Consultant Emergency Medicine, Trust Appraisal lead and Director Quality Improvement
  • Khokhar RH
  • Khokhar HK
  • Abbasi HA




COVID 19, Mortality, Comorbidities


Objective: To determine the mortality rate, discharge rate, current admissions, and comorbid conditions in our patients along with a view to further investigate high mortality rates observed at our hospital.

Methodology: This retrospective epidemiological study aims to review patients presenting with COVID-19 at a District General Hospital in the north west of England. A total of 514 patients were admitted with a positive COVID-19 swab from March 17, 2020 to midnight May 20, 2020 have been included in this study. All patients admitted with COVID-19 positive swabs were included in the study. Patients discharged from the Emergency Department were excluded. The data was assessed daily by the Clinical Audit and Effectiveness Team and cross referenced across multiple sources to ensure accuracy. 

Results: From March 17, 2020 to May 20, 2020 a total of 514 patients were admitted with a positive COVID-19 swab. Out of the 514 patients, 284 (55%) were male while 230 (45%) were female (Figure 1). Among the 514 patients admitted, 236 (45.9%) died, 263 (51.2%) were discharged, 1 (0.2%) was discharged and then readmitted, 1 (0.2%) was transferred while 13 (2.5%) are still admitted at the hospital. Out of the 236 patients who died, 144 (61%) were male and 92 (39%) were female. 130 (49%) of the 263 patients discharged were male and 133 (51%) were female. One female patient was discharged but then readmitted and one male patient was transferred. Out of the 13 patients still admitted at the hospital, 9 (69%) are male and 4 (31%) are female (Fig 2). Upon review of the pre-existing comorbid conditions of the patients, it was noted that 101 (20%) patients had no comorbid conditions, 59 (11%) had one comorbid condition, 93 (18%) had two comorbid conditions, 106 (21%) had three and 155 (30%) had four or more comorbid conditions.

Conclusion: Patients with comorbid conditions are more prone to COVID-19 in terms of severity. Due to high mortality rates observed in our study, we propose further research to review the high susceptibility to severe COVID-19 infection in the population of North West, England.






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