Efficacy of intravenous hydration versus amino acid infusion in idiopathic oligohydramnios


  • Nabila Habib Post graduate trainee. Aziz Bhatti shaheed hospital, Gujrat
  • Shazia Syed Professor of Obs and Gynae, BBH Hospital, RMU, Rawalpindi
  • Nadia Khurshid Associate Prof. Obs-gynaedept.Al- Aleem Medical College Gulab Devi hospital Lahore
  • Anila Habib Post graduate trainee. Aziz Bhatti shaheed hospital, Gujrat




Amniotic fluid, Oligohydramnios, Amino acid infusion, intravenous hydration


Objective: To compare the efficacy of intravenous hydration and amino acid infusion in cases of isolated oligohydramnios.
Methodology: A single blind randomized clinical trial conducted in Dept of Obs/Gynae, Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Teaching Hospital, Gujrat, from 12-06-2019 to 11-12-2019. A total of 104 mothers having isolated oligohydramnios were randomized into two groups for administration of 6 drips of normal saline (group-A) or amino acid infusion (group- B). The AFI was measured before and after the infusions. The sum total of these four values was AFI in centimeter. The normal AFI in term gestation is taken as 12.9±4.6cm. The rise in AFI was studied and analyzed.
Results: In group-A vs group-B, the mean maternal age was 32.1±4.4 vs 31.0±5.5 yrs, Mean Gestational age was 29.1±2.9 vs 29.0±3.1 wks, mean BMI was 34.6±9.7 vs29.1±5.7 Kg/m2. In both groups majority was multigravida. Mean AFI at first presentation was comparable in both groups (3.78±0.56 vs 3.73±0.36). Mean AFI after six drips was significantly higher in group-B. (4.79 ±0.65 vs 6.82±0.62; p<0.001). Similarly, change of AFI showed significant increase in group-B when compared with group-A (1.0±031 vs 3.09±0.70; p<0.001). Stratification for age, gestational age, BMI and parity was also carried out.
Conclusion: Intravenous amino acid is an effective therapy for improving AFI and is beneficial in management of isolated oligohydramnios.






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