Effectiveness of EUA colour Coding system in Urological Procedures during COVID-19: Experience at Institute of Kidney Diseases Peshawar Pakistan


  • Liaqat Ali Institute of Kidney Diseases HMC Peshawar
  • Asiya Hassan
  • Faiza Hayat
  • NasIr Orakzai




Covid-19, Anuria, Urolithiasis, Clinical Audit


Objective: To study effectiveness of EUA colour coding system in performing   urological procedures during COVID-19

Methodology: It is descriptive Study during three waves of COVID 19,  conducted  in Department of Urology  at Institute of Kidney Diseases Hayatabad Peshawar, Pakistan from March 24, 2020 till March 30, 2021. Total numbers of 3066 operated patients were included in the study. We followed the EUA guidelines of color coding for prioritization of surgical procedures.  All the data of the patients and doctors were recorded on structured proforma and was analyzed on SPSS version 20.

Results" Total numbers of 3066 surgeries were performed during three waves of COVID 19, that included 937 (30.5 %)) emergency Procedures with code black , 1272 (59.74%) high Priority labeled as code red,  636 (29.8%)  as code yellow in intermediate priority and 221 (10.3%) as code green in. Regarding emergency surgeries code black, Obstructive uropathy remained high with 566 patients (60.4 %) patients, Pyonephrosis in 187(19.9%),  Genito-urinary trauma in 93 (9.9%), miscellaneous in 91 (9.7%).  The 1272 patients with high priority were dominated by Complicated Urolithiasis and High grade Urooncology. The preoperative nasopharyngeal PCR of 206 patients (22 %) in emergency procedures came positive for COVID-19. The rate of positive  seroconvesrion was recorded in  82(6%) in high and 9 (1.5%)in  intermediate priority and no seroconvesrion was recorded in code green .

Conclusion:The EUA guidelines is a useful tool in prioritization of urological procedure.






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