Emergence of Underactive and Overactive Thyroid Disorders: A Tertiary Care Experience


  • Maqsood Ahmad Medical Laboratory Scientist, Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore.




Objective: The present study was planned to assess gender and age group wise frequency of thyroid disorders.
Place and Duration: Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore from 1st January 2016 to 25th May 2017
Methodology: A total of 968 suspects of thyroid disorders were enrolled, 04 ml blood sample was collected from each individual and analyzed for TFT by using Electrochemiluminescence technique on fully automated special chemistry analyzer.
Results:  Out of 968 study subjects, male and females were 321 (33.2%) and 647 (66.8%) respectively, mean age was 41.4+16.9 years. Overall thyroid disorder was detected in 26.3% suspects (22.1% male and 28.4% females). Females were 6.3% more prevalent with the most frequent disorder subclinical primary hypothyroidism 7.7%. Primary & subclinical hypothyroidism was four times more common in females as compared to males. Moreover, T3 toxicosis three times more prevalent in females
Conclusion: The emergence of thyroid disorders is the alarming situation, female are at higher risk as compared to males.






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