Effects of Sofosbuvir on Serum Lipid Profile and Serum Uric Acid in Albino Rats


  • Shujaullah . Senior lecturer, Pharmacology Department Isra university Hospital Hyderabad
  • Gulshad Wagan Assistant Professor, Anatomy Department Bilawal Medical College
  • Arsalan Ahmed Uqaili Assistant Professor, Physiology Department Isra university Hospital Hyderabad




Sofosbuvir Drug, Lipid Profile, Uric Acid


Objective: To determine the effects of sofosbuvir over serum lipid profile and serum uric acid level in albino rats.
Study Design: Experimental interventional Design
Setting: Department of Pharmacology Isra University Hyderabad and Department of animal husbandry, Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam.
Study Duration: 6 months following synopsis approval.Sampling techniques:  Non probability purposive sampling
Sample Size:  40 Albino Rats weighing 200-300gm on average
Methodology: Rats were selected based on inclusion and excluding criteria. Rats were divided into 4 equal groups control, A, B and C each having 10 rats. Control group was given Normal saline, powdered milk, and flour. A, B and C were treated with Sofosbuvir dose 5.7 mg/kg, 11.4 mg/kg, 17.0 mg/kg respectively. Blood samples were collected at day 1 before starting the treatment and then at the end of the study (after 6 weeks) by sacrifying the rats under international protocols. Blood samples were analysed for serum uric acid and lipid profile. 
There were significant changes in the total cholesterol between control and experimental group C, p-value 0.05, while no significant difference was noted between control and experimental group A and B. These findings show that the high dose of sofosbuvir drug changed the total cholesterol level. LDL showed a significant elevation in the experimental groups as compared to control with uses of sofosbuvir drug, the elevated difference was noted as in experimental groups A  P value = 0.006, similarly in group B  p- value 0.008 and in group C  p- value 0.008. No significant effects were found in TG and HDL levels in all experimental groups with controls. A significant difference was noted in the reduction of uric acid level between control and experimental group B and Experimental Group C, p- values were quite significant.
Conclusion: It was concluded that serum uric acid was significantly decreased; LDL and total cholesterol were elevated with use of sofosbuvir drug.






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