Virological Responses in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients, Treated with Sofosbuvir and Declacavir Versus Sofosbuvir and Ribazole


  • Anwar Ali Jamali 1Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Peoples University of Medical and Health Sciences Nawabshah, Sind



Chronic HCV,, Chronic HCV, sofosbuvir declacavir


Objective: To determine the virological responses in chronic hepatitis c patients, treated with sofosbuvir and declacavir versus sofosbuvir and ribavirin at tertiary care Hospital

Study Design And Setting: This was a prospective comparative study and was carried out at the gastroenterology department of people’s medical university Nawabshah.

Duration: One year from December 2016 to November 2017.

Methodology: All the patients diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C virus with detectable HCV RNA by PCR , age ranged 18 to 60 years either gender were selected. All the patients were divided in two groups according to treatment as; patients of group A were undergone treatment of sofosbuvir + declacavir and patients of group B were underwent treatment of sofosbuvir + ribazole. PCR for HCV RNA Quantitative had been performed for viral measurements at the completion of 4thweek (RVR), 12th week (EVR), 24th week (ETR) and after 24 weeks of treatment completion (SVR). All patients not complying with the treatment or developed any complication based on protocol investigations that lead to termination of treatment were excluded from the study. All the data was recorded in the proforma.

Results: Total 107 patients were selected, mean age of the patients was 36.46+11.34 years.  Female was found in the majority as 58.9%. 80.4% patients were undergoing treatment of sofosbuvir+declacavir and 19.6% were underwent sofosbuvir+ribazole. Rapid viral load response (RVR), Early viral load response (EVR), End treatment response (ETR) and Sustained viral response (SVR) were s significantly more achieved in group A (sofosbuvir+declacavir) as compared to group B (sofosbuvir+ribazole) p-value 0.020, 0.020, 0.004 and 0.004 respectively. roup B (sofosbuvir+ribazole) 18 patients achieved out of 21. No significant difference was found in the mean of viral load in both groups after completion of treatment p-value 0.628.

Conclusion: It is concluded that both treatments showed good efficacy, but sofosbuvir+declacavir treatment achieved more significant Rapid viral load response (RVR), Early viral load response (EVR),  End treatment response (ETR) and Sustained viral response (SVR) as compare to sofosbuvir+ribazole.







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