Determination The Early Seizures in Stroke Patients


  • Muhammad Mossa Neurology department LNH Karachi
  • Rajesh Kumar Senior registrar
  • Muhammad Mohsin Senior medical officer Neurology department LNH Karachi



Stroke, early seizures


Objective: To determine the frequency of early seizures in patients with strokes.
Study Design: Descriptive, Cross sectional study
Methodology: The data of 104 strokes patients, visiting neurology department of sheikh zayed Hospital, were collected after filling proforma and consent forms. All patients were assessed by the study neurologist to confirm the diagnosis and the etiological subtypes of stroke. Stroke patients were managed as per hospital protocol. The patients were followed for 7 days. Presence of early seizures was recorded as per operational definition. Patients with seizures were managed as per hospital protocol. Al the data was entered on pre-design proforma. 
Results: In our study, out of 1-4 cases of stroke, 38.46%(n=40) were between 18-50 years of age while 61.54%(n=64) were between 51-75 years of age, mean+sd was calculated as 52.75+9.22 years, 52.89%(n=55) were male and 47.11%(n=49) were females, 22.12%(n=23) were hemorrhage while 77.88%(n=81) had ischemic stroke, frequency of early seizures in patients with strokes was recorded in 6.73%(n=7).
Conclusion: We concluded that the frequency of early seizures is higher and considerable in patients with strokes; our data is primary in our population and needs some other trials to validate these findings.






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