Anatomical location of inferior alveolar canal in different age groups in local population


  • Madiha Khalid Senior lecture, department of oral biology, Isra dental college, Isra University Hyderabad
  • Aswad Ahmed Senior lecture, department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, Isra dental college, Isra University Hyderabad
  • Abdul Rauf Memo Senior Lecture, Anatomy Department, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro



Inferior alveolar canal


Objective: To assess the radiographic location of the inferior alveolar canal and its association with age and gender.

Methodology: This observational study was conducted at the dental department of Isra University Hospital Hyderabad, in the time duration of six months (Sep-2015 to Feb-2016). All the adult patients aged ≥18 years with permanent teeth underwent diagnostic quality imaging with suitable contrast and density, presence of first molar, 1st & 2nd premolar and canine in images, superimposition of structures and either of gender were included. Patients underwent panoramic digital imaging. The manufacturer’s guide-based images were produced using panoramic machine (digital) to assess multi-pattern of inferior dental canal using software “OWANDY OPG I-MAX TOUCH OSP and Quick vision to get histogram equalization and gray values. The entire data was entered in self-made proforma and was analyzed by using SPSS 20th version.

Results: Overall 70 patients were studied; their mean age was 28.23+12.43 years, females were found in the majority (57.14%). Most of the patients (54.28%) were seen with inferior alveolar variations of Type I, followed by 21.42% Type II, 14.28% type III and 10% with Type IV. According to the site of mandibular canal locations; 21 of 70 had right side, 15 had left side and 34 had bilateral. There was statistically no significant variance in the appearance of inferior alveolar nerve according to age and gender.

Conclusion: Localized superior and inferior borders were 54.28% in our population to avoid injury during the maxillofacial surgery or during dental implant procedures. There was an insignificant difference in location according to age and gender





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